Below is a link, to the dive tracks 2017s year, the tracks are presented in GoogleMaps. If you click this link, you can see the tracks of some of my dives in the summer of 2017:

my dive tracks, 2017

The files of the dives tracks are formed in the standard for Google Maps form, and are saved on the phone or tablet, by which the position of the diver is tracked (these files created by the predownloaded application). Then they can be uploaded to your computer, or downloaded to your personal Google Maps directly by your phone. You can make these Google Maps pages available to someone else, by sending a link to Google Maps, like a report on the time spent, let them be jealous ... 

Navigation system in progress. What is visible on the surface? The mobile application in the smartphone shows the distance, bearing and schematic position of the diver. Also, the mobile application saves the entire dive track in text format, and creates a track file for GoogleMaps, or GoogleEarth.

you can see your position relative to the boat

It is Dive's trecks on 28-25 june 2018

The boat view from depth